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How to create a decentralised website with 1W3 app.

Learn how to create a decentralized website for ENS web3 domains.
Here's a step-by-step guide on how to build a using the "1W3" builder:
  • Sign in with your wallet:
  • Dashboard:
    • Once you log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the "1W3" platform. This is your main control panel for managing your websites.
  • Click on "Create":
    • Look for the "Create" button on the home page and click. This will take you to the template marketplace.
  • Template Marketplace:
    • In the template marketplace, you will find a selection of pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point for your decentralized websites. Browse through the available templates.
  • Choose a template:
    • Select a template from the marketplace. Look for templates specifically designed that match your desired design and functionality.
  • Select a blank canvas or pre-loaded template:
    • You can either start with a blank canvas or use a pre-loaded template. Choose the option that best suits your needs.
  • Customize your decentralized website:
    • The "1W3" builder will provide you with a user-friendly interface where you can make changes to your chosen template. Customize the design, layout, colors, fonts, and other elements according to your preferences.
  • Add your links:
    • Within the builder, there will be sections or modules where you can add your links. Typically, templates include multiple clickable buttons or icons that represent each link. Edit these buttons to add the appropriate URLs and labels for your desired links.
  • Preview and test your decentralized website:
    • Take advantage of the preview feature in the builder to see how your website looks and functions. Test the links to ensure they redirect correctly to the intended destinations.
  • Publish your decentralized website:
    • Once you're satisfied with the design and functionality of your website, click on the "Publish" button within the builder to make your decentralized website live.
    • It will open a popup with two options: IPFS/IPNS or Arweave. Choose the desired storage for publishing your decentralized website.
Note: IPNS helps you save gas. You can update your website any number of times without incurring gas fees. On Arweave, every time you update a website, you need to update the content hash of the ENS name to reflect the changes made to the website.
Congratulations! You've successfully built a decentralized website using "1W3". Now, add it to your Twitter and other social media bios, and share the URL with others. Take full advantage of the decentralized features offered by ENS integration.